The Scholarship Team is now accepting applications for scholarships provided through our church. Applications can be obtained in the Church office (or you can download it here) and must be returned (postmarked) by the June 1st deadline.  All scholarships are awarded to students in good academic standing at accredited colleges or universities of their choice unless otherwise noted by a specific scholarship requirement.

Scholarships available are limited to church members only.

C. W. French& E. W. Ratliff Scholarship -  For any student. Preference will be given to students attending Bluefield College.

McLaughlin Scholarship - For any student specifically attending Bluefield College.

Mrs. Clyde J. Stephens Scholarship - For a student specifically attending Bluefield College.  

J. Ray Bailey Scholarship - For any student.

Memorial Scholarship - For any student preparing for positions that are not ministry related.

Ivan D. Halsey Scholarship - For any student pursuing an undergraduate degree and who is 17-23 years of age and meets the requirements listed above. (Awarded every two years, available 2021).

Robertson Foundation Scholarship - For any student entering church related vocations only.  The recipient must sign a note of intention. If the applicant does not complete his/her course of study, abandons his/her calling, or does not complete five years of service following graduation, he/she must repay all funds received from this scholarship.

Harwood Memorial Scholarship - For any student attending the University of Richmond. Application is made to First Baptist and is then forwarded and handled by the Scholarship Committee of the University. This is a tuition scholarship of $550.

To apply, please fill out this form!

FBC will not be having services and activities until further notice. If any our FBC family needs assistance please contact the church office, our pastor, or your family's deacon. Thank you for your understanding and patience at this time. We will be having virtual services for the time being.